Why is Ha Giang attractive to tourists?

Anybody who has been to Ha Giang province at least once will not regret when coming here, because this place is a paradise vacation packages for those who love nature, want to explore the new lands. Whether you have visited very many famous attractions, you should at least once to visit Ha Giang.

Why is Ha Giang attractive to tourists?
Photo by Khánh Hmong
1. It's easy to move from Hanoi capital

From Ha Noi to Ha Giang about 300km, if you like to travel in the direction of your friends or change the way back to another road, you can completely run your motorcycle or personal car from Hanoi. Time from Hanoi to Ha Giang will be about 8 - 10 hours depending on speed, plus time rest.

Why is Ha Giang attractive to tourists? 1
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2. Beautiful natural landscape all year round

Traveling in Ha Giang, you will not need to choose what is the best time to visit, because Ha Giang is beautiful throughout the year, in every season, Ha Giang has own beauty.

In the spring, this place is flooded by flowers, the weather becomes colder, so if you want to visit Ha Giang in this time, you should bring coats and jackets along. The feeling when you go under the trees, watching the white petals fall gently in the wind, floral fragrance mix into the air is an awesome experience. 

In the Summer, you can watch the majestic green rice fields in the hills, the scene of Ha Giang in this time is an immense blue, but if you come in the Autumn, you will be surprised by wonder rapid change of Ha Giang. 

In the early Autumn, paddy fields start ripening and the yellow colors surrounded the hills. But if you come in the September (late Autumn), you will see the immense pink color of Buckwheat flowers – the famous flowers and specialty of Ha Giang. 

In the Winter, you'll be immersed yourself with the romantic snowfall.

Why is Ha Giang attractive to tourists? 2
Photo by Nhi Dang
3. There are many tourist atrractions in Ha Giang

Ha Giang is always one of the most tourist attraction for those who love adventuring as well as exploring the wild beauty of mountains and forests. The breathtaking landscape of the majestic mountains, tortuous river, flower valleys, meandering roads are the especially of Ha Giang.

Visiting Hoang Su Phi is my first choice when I come to Ha Giang. No one knows the ethnic minorities in Hoang Su Phi takes how long to turn the mountain into the gorgeous terraced fields. Just know that the terraces were exploited from hundreds of years. Terraced fields also marked the process of sedentary, bringing more prosperous life for the household.

Quan Ba Twin Mountain is another place that you should visit. You have the chance to enjoy the art of nature offer to this destination. Between the rocky and terraces is the mountains with a strange form which will make you flabbergast. That's two mountains look like the peach fruit which are related to a very interesting “Co Tien Mountain” fairy.

Dong Van ancient town is the place for you to recollect things in the past. It is located between valleys with four surfaces are covered by rock, it has a mere 40 households. In the morning, the old town is blended skillfully between the two colors: the bright yellow of the sun and the gray of old houses.

There are also many tourist attractions that you should visit before leaving Ha Giang such as: “Dong van stone plateau” – with mystery of the grey stones, “the mansion of Vuong family” – is known as the green jewel in the heart of the plateau, “the Happy road” – the road with blood and flowers… Each place will leave you with different experiences.

Why is Ha Giang attractive to tourists? 3
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4. Diverse and attractive culinary culture

Not only has the beautiful natural scenery, but also Ha Giang is famous for many delicious dishes. Buffalo meat, Chinese sausage (lap xuong) - these are probably the famous dishes in the northwest mountain region. For a long time, these dishes have become indispensable dishes in their special occasions. 

Next, it is mint honey – just hear the name also makes you feel curious, or 5-colored sticky rice - you will not be able to ignore this traditional dish. Bac Me bamboo sticky rice is a popular dish of many minorities in the Northwest. It is made from glutinous rice and then baked in a long bamboo tube. It has a sweet, fragrant and flexible buttery taste, visitors go to Ha Giang is not only enjoying it but also buy back a lot as a gift.

It would be missing if you don’t try the Shan Tuyet tea when coming to Ha Giang. It is grown in all districts of Ha Giang. Anyone who has ever enjoyed Shan Tuyet tea is certainly hard to forget their delicious taste. This kind of fresh tea, people use natural remedies to take care them, so there aren’t harmful chemicals. Shan Tuyet is harvested up to 4 seasons in Ha Giang, so anytime you come, you can always enjoy the delicious taste of Shan Tuyet tea.

There are also other dishes such as Au Tau Porridge, “Thang Co”, Steamed egg rolls, sour noodle… which you should try before you leave.

Why is Ha Giang attractive to tourists? 4
Photo by Nhi Dang
5. The locals are extremely friendly and hospitable

Ha Giang people is also known for the hospitality. The comely and honesty of people make visitors feel very comfortable, their simple living made many visitors want to experience. Join to work with people here, you'll have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

I highly recommend you should experience H’mong’s life. H’mong is famous for hospitality and also is the majority group in Ha Giang. You will have many opportunities to experience life in an H’mong’s family. eating, sleeping and talking with H’mong people is a cultural experience you will never forget.

If you are interested in exploring and understanding the cultural beauty of the highland, you should come to the kermess in Ha Giang. The kermess usually takes place on Saturday morning and Sunday (except for some special kermesses like Khau Vai love market, which held only a single time during the year).

With the beautiful natural landscape, characteristic in each season, combined harmoniously between the sky, forests, rivers, and mountains, along with the delicious food and friendly people, Ha Giang Tours From Hanoi is always the first choice for every visitor to Vietnam..