Where To Go And What To Do In Sapa?

Sapa is one of the best places in North Vietnam. When travellers visit Vietnam and North Vietnam Sapa is a must-see for admiring the natural beauty and learning about the local life.

Located about 350 km to the north-west of Hanoi, Sapa District in Lao Cai Province, is a very soothing place to visit, an attractive little town set over steep hills attracting a large number of international travelers for its views and topographic mountains at the average height of 1500m- 1800m, for its impressive, rugged scenery as well as for its rich cultural diversity.

Where To Go And What To Do In Sapa?
Photo by Brian Jeffery Beggerly
A modest land but hiding many wonders of the natural scene, the foggy town of Sapa is the convergence of the fascinating natural scenery and peaceful life: Fansipan- the highest peak in Vietnam – the rooftop of Indochina, Ham Rong Mountain, Rattan Bridge, Bamboo Forest, Silver Waterfall.

If you want to experience the unique lifestyle of local, just spend 1 hour walking around Cat Cat village or exploring Ta Phin Cave where local tribes still live in a traditional way.

If you love photography, let’s go around Muong Hoa Valley; the winding mountain passes, the lush vegetation, golden terraced fields set amid the swirling clouds in the harvest season; the detached wooden mansions and villas perched on top or side of the hills as well as the dazzling orchid and peach gardens. You will have amazing photos.

Where To Go And What To Do In Sapa? 1
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With craggy topography, there are a lot of exciting activities for you in Sapa. If you love challenging and thrilling activities, just join in mountain climbing tour with Vietnam Typical Tours. You would have a chance to conquer Fansipan – the roof of Indochina on your foot. If you enjoy driving a motorbike, Sapa surely satisfies your desire of conquering hard and dangerous road.

If you love investigating about the culture, Sapa is the home to eight different ethnic minority groups: Hmong, Tay, Giay, Dao, Muong, Thai, Hoa (ethnic Chinese), and Xa Pho, is well known for its special cultural diversity in a combination of ethnic minority groups’ culture.

Therefore, it will definitely be such a pity if you leave Sapa without discovering the unique customs of the local residents; visiting local markets - the town’s typically cultural element; enjoying ethnic minorities’ customs including: Mong Festival, Nao Cong Festival and knowing more about local ethnic people's courtship and marital life, through the Sapa love market and wife kidnapping ceremony of the Hmong group. They all are unforgettable memories in Vietnam.

Sapa is still a destination with many stunning landscapes, beautiful villages, friendly people which are not so hard to explain why tourists fall in love with this land once stepping on here. It’s easier said than done. Why don’t you start your own Sapa Tours From Hanoi understand how much love we give for this amazing land?