Ta Van Village -- Interesting destination in Sapa tours

Taking Sapa tours, you can not only admire a wide range of beautiful landscapes of this cloudy town but you can be much more knowledgeable about the traditional customs and cultural values of some ethnic groups in Sapa, and their daily lives as well. As for Sapa tours from Hanoi, the best destination suggested to visit is Ta Van Village. Let’s discover what you can experience  in this village!

Enjoying the peaceful beauty of Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village -- Interesting destination in Sapa tours
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On the contrary to the animation of Sapa Town, Ta Van Village will give you a quiet space to feel and enjoy every moment of your life. Visiting this place, you can be relaxed in the cool atmosphere without concerning about the air pollution as in the busy city. Also, the local people here are always willing to help you learn more about the real sense of daily life in the mountainous areas. To be specific, their life is uncomplicated and very countryfied, they are extremely closely-knit and live happily together in their lovely houses characterizing their ethnic groups. Therefore, your Sapa tours will be much more interesting thanks to your real experience with local people.

Discovering the unique culture of Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village -- Interesting destination in Sapa tours 1
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There are a large number of ethnic groups living in Ta Van Village. Among them, the Giay has the lowest quantity of people. Their main activity to make ends meet is to grow rice in the low areas near the valleys having enough water source. On the contrary, the lifestyle of H’mong people is different from Giay people. They do farm on the high hills and slopes behind the village to grow a lot of plants such as rice, corns, potatoes and so on. Although Ta Van Village is more and more modern thanks to the policy of industrialization and modernization, their beautiful and traditional cultural values are still strongly maintained. At the end, you should visit an ethnic house to explore some interesting things in their daily life. The owners will introduce you some special decorations in their house to show their belief. Beside the traditional customs, you can have a chance to taste some famous specialties in the strange appearance but with the delicious flavor. Specifically, these are some dishes processed from pork, chicken, fish and so on. All of them are prepared elaborately by the local people themselves.

Admiring the beauty of the terrace rice fields

Ta Van Village -- Interesting destination in Sapa tours 2
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The terrace rice field is the first impression attracting you when visiting Ta Van Village. There are hundreds of hectaires of terrace rice fields crossing a wide range of high hills and mountains in Sapa. It is compared to a large carpet embracing the entirely small village so it is an indispensable destination in Sapa tours in Ta Van Village. Actually, the terrace rice fields are sometimes brilliantly yellow or extremely verdurous. In particular, in the water season, they have the color of water falling to irrigate the fields, which creates a wonderful natural masterpiece in Sapa.