Halong Bay - Destination With Surreal Beauty In Vietnam

There are destinations that make you stunned by its miraculous, surreal beauty. These places are not on other planets but they are right on our earth, Halong Bay is one of those magical destinations.

Halong Bay - Destination With Surreal Beauty In Vietnam
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The MSN has recently selected the world's most surreal landscapes, including Vietnam's Ha Long Bay, a world natural heritage recognised by the UNESCO.

Located in Quang Ninh Province, Halong Bay is a natural place in Vietnam consisting of small islands covered by trees, limestone columns and caves. This spectacular location was included in UNESCO's World Heritage in 1994.

This stunning landscape features some 3,000 limestone pillars rising out of the emerald waters on the northwest coast of the Gulf of Tonkin. Local legend has it that the islands were created by giant dragons, summoned by the gods to fight foreign invaders.

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