Where would you rather spend your time in Vietnam?

Vietnam is not the easiest of countries to travel in but at the same time is one of the most rewarding and fascinating to visit.

Struggling making a decision between mountains and islands for your upcoming trip to Vietnam? In this article I'm comparing the difference between natural and cultural beauty between mountainous areas and islands. Which one is the right for you?

Where would you rather spend your time in Vietnam?
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In fact, the vast mountainous area in Northern Vietnam takes up a third of the country’s total land area. Here you can explore the authentic culture of various ethnic groups while staying away from the crowds or go on exciting adventures while gazing at superb rugged mountains. 

Northwest mountain range extends from the northern border (bordering China) to the west of Thanh Hoa province. Here you find another very popular destination - Sapa, which provides its guests with some spectacular photo opportunities. Just neighbour to Sapa is the mountain of Fansipan - the highest mountain peak in all of Indochina at 3,143 meters. The peak can be visited by cable car. Sapa is also an area where you can meet various minority groups like H'mong, Dao, Kinh, Tay, Hoa, Xa Pho.

Where would you rather spend your time in Vietnam? 1
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Northeast mountain range (also known as Viet Bac) extends from the Red river valley to the Gulf of Tonkin. It extends from the Red river valley to the Gulf of Tonkin. There are many famous landscapes such as Tam Thanh, Nhi Thanh (Lang Son), Pac Po, Ban Gioc (Cao Bang), Ba Be (Bac Kan), Yen Tu mountain, Halong Bay - WWorld Heritage (Quang Ninh). Mount Tay Con Linh (Ha Giang) with 2,431 meters, the highest in the Northeast. The most popular tourist destiantion of the area and in all of Vietnam is Halong Bay, where cruise ships transport the tourists among the limestone karsts and isles while enjoying luxury on board.

Where would you rather spend your time in Vietnam? 2
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Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking islands. Its 3,000 km-long coastline is surrounded by thousands of islets, featuring centuries-old temples, traditional villages, lush forests, unexplored grottoes, and rare marine life...and stunning beaches! Many popular islands such as Phu Quoc, Hon Tre and Cat Ba Island in Halong Bay have undergone massive development, resulting in a wide variety of resorts and hotels, restaurants, nightlife spots, shops, and tourist facilities. There are also plenty of off-the-beaten-path destinations in Vietnam, which are mostly frequented by the local population and adventurous travellers.

That is the basic difference between the mountains and the islands in Vietnam, from which you can easily choose your destination during the upcoming vacation in Vietnam. Wish you have a great trip!