Surprise At The Beauty Of Moc Chau In White Mustard Flower Season

On cold winter days, visitors to Moc Chau Plateau in the northern mountainous province of Son La are impressed by the vast array of white mustard fields on display throughout the area.

Located 200km away from Hanoi, Moc Chau Plateau in Son La province is an attractive destination to visit all year round.

Surprise At The Beauty Of Moc Chau In White Mustard Flower Season
Photo by Namdung9x
During the days of early winter, white mustard fields in the region attract a large of number of visitors. These flowers usually begin to bloom from November right up until January of the following year. 

Mountain slopes across the area are covered with a carpet of white mustard flowers. Visitors can enjoy picturesque scenery of white mustard flowers in full bloom.

The most beautiful destinations are to be found in the valleys and villages of Ban Ang, Na Ka, Pa Phach, Phieng Canh, Ngu Dong and Ban On.

The romantic beauty of white mustard fields enthralls many visitors. Guests can find the mustard fields surrounded by majestic mountains and pine forests.

The sound of honey bees amid the tranquil atmosphere creates some truly breathtaking scenery. The mustard fields along with the simple daily lives that locals live attracts many visitors.

Unlike yellow mustard flowers used as a condiment, white mustard flowers are planted in order to extract mustard oil. The cultivation of white mustard flowers also allows many households to generate a high income.

Apart from white mustard flowers, visitors can enjoy stunning wild sunflowers, peach blossoms and other local specialties.