Lost In Wild Flowers On Moc Chau Plateau

Winter is also the harshest season on Moc Chau plateau (Son La). In the country of cloud cover and cold to numbness that is the season of forest flowers blooming beauty. Beside the stone barriers, they still rise strongly, offering pure beauty for life.

Lost In Wild Flowers On Moc Chau Plateau
Photo by collect on the internet
The winter rain brings more cold to the Moc Chau plateau. Around the above village, the below village is immersed in the mist. There are areas throughout the month that do not see the sun.

Every time you set foot in the plateau, along the Highway 6, you can easily see the forest flower blooming brilliant as to give all what is beautiful and most beautiful in life. The wild sunflowers are blooming, bold new gold color. The golden flowers blooms in the afternoon dew as to lift the feet of travelers.

Moc Chau plateau is considered the land of forest flowers. Beside the stone barriers, wild flowers also bloom. Reeds swaying in the evening mist. Reeds are like highlanders who persist in persistence and patience, despite the harshness of the weather.

In the Mong, Thai villages, the rhythm of the people seems to be deposited on the cold winter. On the mountain, the Mong girls down the mountain are accompanied by the forest flowers. Beside the trails leading to the village, pictures of the Mong girls as decorating for peaceful life to the heartland in the plateau.