What to Do in Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam before Christmas

Noel is on the way joyfully, and if you’re questioning what to do in Hanoi Old Quarter before Christmas, the following recommendations are to enjoy the moments before the golden milestone of the 24th and the 25th December.Even prior to the colorful and lively celebrations of Christmas, Hanoi is full of fantastic things to enjoy.

Weekend Walking Streets in Hanoi

What to Do in Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam before Christmas
Photo by Richard Mortel
The weekend walking street around Hoan Kiem Lake (Ho Guom or Sword Lake) is a favorite venue for locals and foreigners to enjoy dating, playing, and mingling with each other. Since September 01, 2016, the Hanoi pedestrian streets have been opened, including Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Khay, Le Thai To, Le Lai, Le Thach, Tran Nguyen Han, Dinh Le, Nguyen Xi, Trang Tien, Lo Su, Hang Dau, Ho Hoan Kiem, Luong Van Can, Hang Bai, and Bao Khanh. For a clear vision, it’s easy to view the clearly defined roadmap online. The walking streets in Hanoi operate every weekend, from 7:00 PM Friday to 12:00 PM Sunday.

The highlights of this pedestrian venue are the traditional folkgames (tug of war, mandarin square capturing, shuttlecock kicking, etc.).Besides, the street art performances of American Latin, Instrumentation music, traditional northern songs, etc., give romance and peace to the walking pleasure. You can also find joy via the portraying service of the artists who portray you about 20-30 minutes to complete an awesome artwork. Remember to use your cameras to get beautiful photographs, and then use free Wi-Fi to upload your pictures and videos in real time. What’s more, shopping and food tours in Hanoi weekend walking streets are amazing.

Double-decker Bus in Hanoi

What to Do in Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam before Christmas 1
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Since May 30th, 2018, Hanoi opens the sightseeing city tour with three open-top double-decker buses at VND300.000/4 hours, VND450.000/24 hours, and VND600.000/48 hours. Included in the tour are 30 tourist sites on 25 streets around the city. Passengers will enjoy hopping on and off the bus and stop at any places that they want to discover. Advantages of the double-decker bus in Hanoi are the multi-language automated commentary about the destinations, free Wi-Fi, USB charge port, screen, alarm, refrigerator, camera, translation headphones, and POS (Point of Sale).

On the red England-style bus, passengers are required to use the seatbelts for their safety merits. And, the flat floor is good for disable’s wheelchairs, the elders, and the children. As scheduled, the modern vehicle will run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and leave every 30 minutes. People can stop at any place of interest in the route, and then they can hop on the next red bus to continue Hanoi City Tours as long as the bus tickets are valid. Know that the bus weekend itinerary includes walking tour around Hoan Kiem Lake, which appeals to tourists more.

Hanoi Street Food Discovery

What to Do in Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam before Christmas 2
Photo by pxhere
By treating visitors well with delicious street food, Hanoi has been a food paradise. It’s easy to meet the vendors serving Hanoi street food, and you are expected to sit on the plastic 6-inch stool to enjoy the meal. The capital city urges foodies and tourists to savor the specialties as many as possible during the Hanoi food tour in the old quarter, the markets, and the streets.

The list of street food to eat in Hanoi includes “Phở” (noodle soup with beef or chicken), “Bún Chả” (noodle with grilled pork and a variety of vegetable, herb, peanut, etc.), “Bánh Gối” (empanada dumpling filled with minced pork, mushroom, quail egg, etc.), Vietnamese sandwich, “Nem Cua Bể” (spring rolls with minced crabmeat, pork, egg, vermicelli, etc.), “Bánh Tôm” (cake with shrimp), “Bánh Giò” (pyramidal rice dumpling), and so on. Each step you go to this marvelous city, it’s likely to meet the inspiring eateries to eat the yummy street food.

Attractively Noel-themed Hanoi Cathedral

What to Do in Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam before Christmas 3
Photo by Rick McCharles
Hanoi Cathedral or Saint Joseph’s Cathedral is among the oldest Roman Catholic sites in the city. Weeks before Noel, the church will be brilliantly decorated inside and outside to evolve the happy and colorful atmosphere. Prior to the event, guests can visit this place to take awesome photos and get merry memories. The cathedral itself owns breathtaking architecture which looks similar to the one of Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral.

Getting to this landmark, people might feel like getting lost in Paris. Before and during the Christmas holiday, the Saint Joseph’s Cathedral is often visited by everybody that has faith in Jesus Christ. And especially during the Christmas Eve, the church holds a praying ceremonyinside while many individuals gather in front of it and wait for Noel in Hanoi to say “Merry Christmas.”

Have a great trip in Hanoi Old Quarter as everything is just at hand as soon as you step out of the hotel and do the fantastic activities.