Lan Ha Bay - Its A Peaceful But Equally Spectacular Experience

Halong Bay is known around the world for being one of Vietnam’s unmissable sights. But journey a little south and you’ll find a lesser-known bay that’s just as spectacular. (Perhaps even more so.) 

“Forget Halong Bay!” Lan Ha Bay is a great alternative.

Lan Ha Bay - Its A Peaceful But Equally Spectacular Experience
Photo by Vietnam Typical Tours
Lan Ha Bay stretches almost all around the eastern coast line – from the northern to the southern tip – of Cat Ba island, which is the largest island in this area. Discover the wondrous scenery of quiet waters dotted with limestone pillars and tiny islets cladded with forest vegetation rising from the emerald sea of the Gulf of Tonkin and in addition, it even has white sandy beaches.

Other than Ha Long Bay, all 400 big and small islands in Lan Ha Bay are covered with trees or vegetation, even small islands. A peaceful sea with small fishing villages as separate from the rest of the world. Under the peaceful island clusters. There are many species of local specialties. Such as. Blue mussel, snakehead, crab, abalone, grouper. fish, fresh shrimp live according to the daily needs of visitors.

Absolutely Yes. The density of limestone islands here is quite thick and still very primitive. It's divided sea surface into small, bays. Lots of lagoon and caves have not yet been discovered. There are hundreds of islands with many shapes depending on the imagination of tourists such as: Guo island (like a clog). Doi cave (like bats)... The stalactite caves, the characteristic features of the Ha Long populations are also present in Lan Ha, which is Ham Rong, Dau Ca, Ca cave...

Different from Ha Long Bay. Lan Ha Bay has 139 small golden sand beaches, lovely and desolate as the "blue water" invite visitors to explore. Many sandy beaches stretch between two rocky mountains, quiet with no big waves. It's really the ideal beach lover. In the blue water is the colorful coral reefs such as Van Boi Beach, Van Ha... The calm sea as the island, island Cu, Monkey Island... where visitors can dive the coral.

Cruise Lan Ha Bay, tourists can go through the ravine excursions in the bay, visit the caves, resting on the beach in the middle of the sea. Such as Tung Gau cave, Cat Dua beach. Cat Dua beach now also called monkeys island. There is a resort for overnight on the island. Especially, visitors can visit the growing pearl farms in this beautiful bay.

The best time to go to Lan Ha Bay is summer, the weather is always sunny, suitable for both bathing and boating on the bay. If you want to combine to travel Cat Ba can also go in the autumn of the North, but sometimes there are still storms and weather is not very sunny for the beach.