Fully explore the culture of Vietnam on the Halong Bay cruise

You'd like to get some insights of Vietnamese culture? You'd love to deeply take yourself into the awesome natural scenes of Vietnam, too? This is the chance for you to make two this in one with Halong Bay Tours From Hanoi.

With position as one out of seven Natural Wonders of the world, Halong Bay Vietnamis famous for mighty mountain ranges, magical caves and the other amazing aspects. The fresh air, the overwhelmed scene, the adored stories and the warmed humans will hold your feet steps on this place even when the first time you are here.

What do you get from Halong cruise?

Aboard Halong Cruise, You have the opportunity to participate in many activities, which creates an authentic and traditional Vietnamese cultural experience.

Fully explore the culture of Vietnam on the Halong Bay cruise
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Taichi Class On Sundeck

Rejuvenate yourself in preparation for a busy day of exploration with a Tai Chi class. While Tai Chi originated in China, the lessons introduced on board are basic and have been simplified so that everyone can follow. Tai Chi trainer will guide you through each part of the lesson. Tai Chi exercise is a gentle way to release stress and fatigue. This particular martial art can also improve strength and flexibility. Fresh air from the bay combined with soothing traditional Vietnamese music will help you to achieve total relaxation.

Fully explore the culture of Vietnam on the Halong Bay cruise 1
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Cooking class

Cooking demonstration is an onboard activity which helps passengers not only to sample fine cuisine but also learns more about Vietnamese culinary culture. Cruise Chef will show and guide you how to make Vietnamese traditional dishes such as fresh or dried springing roll and/ or how to carve different kinds of vegetables and fruits. You may be invited to participate in a fun competition with other passengers to find who is the fastest to make the dish. Finally, you can have your own dish of food, enjoin yourself or share it with your companions. An interesting activity for those who love cooking and cuisine!

Fully explore the culture of Vietnam on the Halong Bay cruise 2
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Spectacular scenery

Ha Long Bay, situated in the Gulf of Tonkin, includes some 1600 islands which form a spectacular seascape of limestone pillars. Because of their precipitous nature, most of the islands are uninhabited and relatively unaffected by human influence.

Extensive limestone caves represent another important feature of Ha Long Bay, with three main types identified: old phreatic caves formed below the water table of the time; old karstic foot caves formed by lateral undercutting of cliffs at base level; and marine notch caves formed at sea level where rock structures are powerfully eroded and eventually reduced to a wave-cut platform.

A sublime natural wonder, Halong Bay is Vietnam’s shining sea-treasure. Exquisite limestone karsts loom from crystal-clear jade waters, forming awe-inspiring formations that will captivate and inspire you.

If you are looking to take a journey to Halong Bay then I hope this has been helpful. Wish you have a great holiday in Vietnam!