Love Waterfall is not only a legend!

If you visit Sapa, do not forget to discover the Love Waterfall. It is not only best place for relaxation where you can immerse yourself to wild nature, but also a legendary destination with a romantic love story. Many people said that “if you go to Sapa, you must visit this place – the Love Waterfall with breathtaking nature and landscape”. This attraction located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai is close to 4 km from the Northwest of Sapa Town.  Not only is the Love Waterfall the ideal place of relaxation but you have an opportunity for the exploration of a legendary love story that has been told to generations in this land as well. 
Love waterfall's beauty

Love Waterfall, located about 4km to the North-West of Sa Pa Town in San Sa Ho Commune, Sa Pa District, Lao Cai Province, is a “must-see” destination on the Sa Pa tour. 
From far sight, the waterfall looks like a twinkling pyramid under the sun. With a height of about 100m, it starts from the peak of Fansipan Mountain and rush noisily into the Gold Stream like a never-ending song. Under the waterfall, the Gold Stream runs along with green grass plots and bamboo clusters, forming a poetic image. The stream flows the forest endlessly, to some places that only passionate people dare to venture into.
Driving on a red soil road to the waterfalls that winds through a primeval forest of lush ancient ivory trees and rhododendron flowers in white, red and yellow colour, tourists have a chance to enjoy a perfect painting-like landscape. 
Tourists must cross one red dirt road running through the lush bamboo forest. In the way, you can admire the bright beauty of azalea flowers with color gamut of fresh red, white, yellow. Walking through the peaceful forest, you can hear some mystery sound of wind whispering in the canopy of trees.
Path to Love Waterfall in Sapa

In the end of this road, tourists will meet a stream named Gold Stream; continue to walking along the stream bank, we reach the Love Waterfalls. It is such a poetic picture.
The waterfall looks like a giant silk coverings from a cliff into a stream. On blazing sunny days, the waterfall shoot white foam, vapor water emitted as smog; sun light creates a beautiful rainbow. A lot of people find out that this waterfall is an ideal giant shower which can help us cool down and enjoy amazing games with friends and family. If you visit Love Waterfall in foggy days, it is lucky for you. Visitors can witness the beautiful views as in paradise. In this time, mist covers entire surface of the stream, crept into the canopy of trees, waterfall appear in both virtual and real way. In this vastness of space and beautiful scenery, Love Waterfall really has great attractions for its visitors. Arriving here, tourists look for the origin of a romantic love story between mountain boy O Quy Ho and the seventh fairy.
Stunning scene of Love Waterfall in Sapa

According to the local people, the name of the waterfall originates from a love story. Legend has it that long ago, fairies from heaven used to come to the waterfall to bathe. One day, the seventh fairy saw O Qui Ho, the first son of Ai Lao Mountain Genie who was playing his flute near the falls. Mesmerized by the flute sounds, the fairy spent every night listening to the sweet melodies until her parents detected her secret and forbade her from coming to the human world. The fairy missed O Qui Ho so much that she spent every afternoon at heaven’s gate looking towards the waterfall and waiting for the sounds of the flute. Then, she transformed herself into a yellow bird that lives on O Qui Ho Mountain. Since then, the waterfall is called “Love” to remind everyone of the legendary love story.
Currently, the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) has suggested listing Love Waterfall in the “West-North Route” tour as it has a promising potential to become one of the most attractive destinations in the mountainous district of North Vietnam. What are waiting for but not going to experience with our wonderful Sapa Tours right now. You must be surprised!
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