Sapa love market - the best place for the single

Living in the most difficult and remote places in Vietnam, How people in Sapa find themselves a perfect partner? The only answer is Love Market. Are you curious of such kind of MARKET? Let us show you what will happen.
Sapa love market

Sapa love market takes place on every saturday evenings and it is the place to find a partner to get married. With the tourism, the real love market does not exist anymore. Currently, you are just able to see a representation of the love market. If you are staying here a saturday night, don't refuse to attend. In such days, Young Red Yao hill tribe used to come to Sapa to sing songs to the opposite sex. Girls sang the songs hidden in the dark, when a boy found them, and if they matched together, they disappeared into the forest for three days. Some of them got married after that.

Couples in Sapa love market
The market is not just for marriage hopefuls. In this rural area, no matter their age, everyone looks forward to the chance to chat over sticky rice, grilled cassava or rice dumplings. Although the market does not officially start until March 27, the celebrations begin the evening before. March 26 is a night of song and dance, the performances expressing fervent wishes for eternal love. Romantic melodies fill the night air.
There is one day in the year
I dedicate to you
I have no gold or silver
Just my true love
Come with me if you believe in me
Love market for every ages
However, with the increasing development, Love Market is not able to keep itself the same as before. The quicker it is seen, the more interesting it is. That's why we are here to help you to find more about Sapa Market Tours.