A misterious name: Ha Long

Halong Bay is the most famous scene in Vietnam which is recognized as the world natural heritage by UNESCO in 1994. Although, many people know this site, not all of them know why it is named as it is now. It is very honor to explain about its interesting name. Before the 19th century, the name Ha Long Bay has not been recorded in the old books of Vietnam, these waters are known for the name of An Bang, Luc Thuy, Van Don, ect.
Halong Bay from plane

Halong Bay has existed from ancient time due to the tectonics. However, in the mind of Vietnamese people from prehistoric time with imagination and idea about Dragon and Fairy roots, some legends said that when the new Vietnamese State was invaded by rivals , the Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to help the Vietnamese fight.
Resort in Halong Bay

When the enemy ships from sea rushed to attack, the dragons also were immediately on land and erupted lot of pearls. The rubies that then turned into stone islands with a huge of numerous horns like a solid wall . Enemy boats at speeding were blocked immediately then crashed into the rocky island, smashed into ash. 
After the victory, seeing that picturesque landscape, lush vegetation, hard work and solidate people, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons did not return to heaven, but in this site. Where the Mother Dragon lays is call "Halong", "Ha" means lay and "Long" means Dragon, where the Infant Dragons lay is called Bai Tu Long. Where the tails of the dragons lash is called Long Vy (Tra Co peninsula nowadays).
Halong Bay at sunset

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