Duong Lam Accient Village and Van Phuc Village (Full private day tour)

At 8.00AM, our  tour guide will pick you up at your hotel and bring you out to the ancient village of Duong Lam. Known as the Museum of Literate, this traditional village, found on the outskirts of Hanoi, is filled with nearly 300 houses constructed 3-4 centuries ago, all composed of literate bricks.
The village is also famous for being one of the last strongholds of wet rice farming culture in northern Vietnam. Upon visiting the Duong Lam Village, foreigners will have a unique and memorable first-hand experience walking through our country’s ancient culture and traditions. The tour is also a great opportunity to see Vietnam’s ancient architectural traditions, which you will be surrounded by as you wander along Duong Lam’s narrow alleyways.

The tour will include visits to ancient temples (dedicated to the two kings born here) and interactive experiences with locals who live inside the ancient houses. You will undoubtedly enjoy Duong Lam’s charming atmosphere and slow country living as you experience life as a local. On our way back to Hanoi, we will visit Van Phuc, a village famous for its traditional silk weaving.

Here you will learn how they create perfect silk products as well as the complex technical processes along the way (sewing, weaving and dyeing silk). You will have some free time to shop inside the village, where you can purchase silk products to bring home as wonderful souvenirs. We will return back to Hanoi by 5.00PM.